1. What qualifications do you have?

  • L2 and L3 personal training covering nutrition
  • Suspension fitness (TRX) 
  • Spin
  • Kettlebells 
  • Boxercise for adults & kids 
  • Hatton academy boxing  

2. How do you start off with PT clients?

  • Fill in PT consultation form on CG website 
  • Fill in PT Par-q form
  • Phone call based on filled in forms and answering any questions you have 
  • Meet at the gym you wish to train at , plan , measurements , assessment and get to know each other to make sure we will work well together. 
  • If you are happy to go ahead with getting results then I will plan your training , nutrition and help you with your mindset. 
  • Fill in Terms and Conditions form before your first PT session.
  • You will receive information on how to do weekly measurements , pictures and feedback forms (using CG Website)
  • Final process – smash it 

3. How does the online training work?

  • Fill Online Training form on CG website
  • Fill in Online Par-q form
  • Call or meet and decide if beneficial for you.
  • Payment sent / direct debit set
  • Starter pack and informational videos sent
  • Download MFP and send info agreed. Also send me your MFP name.
  • You will then receive tracker and training.
  • Weekly feedback and accountability.
  • Amazing results BUT I need you to stay in touch daily and make sure you record everything on time and daily!

4. Training style when doing PT?

This all depends on the client. I am a believer in getting results as quick as possible rather than being fancy. However each PT session will be suited to you.

5. How do you track progress?

During the consultation we will do your measurements. These will then be done again either 4/5 or 6 weeks later depending on the individual and time frame. You will have measurements / pictures and feedback forms to do weekly between this time. 

6. How do you work with nutrition?

You will be guided with macro percentages , calories to consume but your food intake is down to you. I will not be writing down what meals to have as based on experience this does not work for everyone. Example templates can be sent. 

7. Costs

See www.cgfitness.co.uk

Remember cost is what you value and how much you get from it. I am confident I can transform anyone’s body if they follow what I say and have a strong mindset. 

8. What does fitness mean to you?

Everything without sounding cringe.

  • It helps with confidence 
  • It helps with mindset 
  • It helps with health 
  • I feel lost without training and maybe that’s why I’m passionate. 

9. How long to see my results?

All depends on the individual 

Someone who’s been training regularly for years will most likely see less obvious change than a beginner.

Again this depends on how effective there training has been during this time. 

If you haven’t trained properly before expect to see quick results. 

The reason I like to do 6 week transformations is because I feel this is a good time frame to see change. 

10. How often should I train with you ?

This all depends on many factors. How much you have available to spend. Are you committed to training on your own? How experienced are you?

We will discuss this during the first meet up. 

11. What type of exercises will I do?

Again this depends on a few things. Experience , injuries , goals… 

12. What experience have you got from other people?

I have been training for over 9 years now. 

I have been all over the country to develop and learn from the best.

The first man to deadlift 1000lbs – Andy Bolton. I have trained with Andy on all the big lifts. 

Ricky Moore – Mr universe competitor 

Azeez the beast – British champion bodybuilder

Lewis Yates ( The last name says a lot when it comes to bodybuilding) 

World champion boxer – Michelle Sutcliffe 

Mark coles seminars

The list goes on…

13. Can I train with others?

Yes there is a group package available for between 3-6 people 

14. What do I do between sessions with you?

So based on your feedback and available time to train you will be following the training plans I send and keeping me updated with your progress. Make the most of me. Text me with questions and annoy me.

How to work out my calories

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